Corporate consultancy

  • support in implementation of structures’ optimatization, including those related to the optimization of the tax burden in transport companies owning real estate
  • guidance for developing Polish companies in preparation for the introduction of financial instruments to public trading
  • advise in selecting the functioning of the capital companies, including corporate law and labor law (e.g. for one of the European airlines, the leading companies in the cleaning services sector)
  • establishment and liquidation of companies of all types (including limited liability companies and partnerships – including a significant developer in the Lower Silesia region)
  • acquisition of shares or change of the shareholders’ structure (including the leading company in the cleaning services sector), changes in the bodies of the companies (in this case – for leading transport companies)
  • implementation of merger and acquisition of commercial companies (such as the acquisition of several medical services companies in the whole country)
  • restructuring of companies
  • transforming economic activity into more complex forms